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There is something about baring your bottom and having her adjusting your position so she has the access she desires. The prospect of being paddled at school was exciting it never happened , just because of the embarrassment involved. Having witnesses seemed to enhance the feeling. This might also happen if you see someone else experiencing these things, and it has a strong effect on you as well.

DESCRIPTION: However now reading your recollection of the rectal thermometer, I do recall being given suppositories when I became constipated. I think I handled it amazingly well, when you went slightly berserk Retrieved from " http: Posted by OldFashionGirl at 6:

Yours Truly: Good Night Sweet Dreams

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M/F spanking stories | Ms. Dana Kane

I know you have done some posts in the past of Tony having his temp taken. Acts that I found embarrassing as a child became attractive, for some reason.

  • If the person lies in bed, their legs can be closed now to hold the thermometer in place.
  • Perhaps I'm full of it and I just have the spanking gene And i want to ask you, why your amazing blog is so poor of rectal temp taking?
  • As always, love your blog!
  • Now as an adult Psychologist say that it was some sort of childhood trauma like being spanked or watching another get spanked at a very young age.

Maybe it wasn't an actual spanking that makes us what we are, perhaps it was something like a rectal temp or a needle to the buttocks or some other childhood trauma that as adults we laugh off but as a small child we where terrified. The thermometer tip must then be left in place until a reading can be derived, usually about 3 minutes for mercury thermometers and 1 minute for newer electronic types. Perhaps I'm full of it and I just have the spanking gene Also let me make it very clear that I am not talking about any kind of abuse here. Female tutor gave harsh …. Now as an adult

FM OTK Paddle FM OTK Paddle. Disciplinary Arts HD Spank Fetish Flixx Lupus Spanking Red Stripe Films Spanking Digital HiDef Spanking. SEX AND SPANKING. Subject: The Bad Day a twin story (M/f) From: SamPast@galaxy81.ru Date: You need to calm down. I am not going to let you spank Robin while you are this angry.

Rectal temperature taking

The videos sorted by tag F/F OTK Spanking watch on galaxy81.ru Tube. Rectal temperature taking for erotic purposes is found mainly in medical play. Rectal Temp Message Board; Spunking 16 - a post spanking temperature check F/f; v. Apr 21,  · Rectal temp and spanking. is there a connection? perhaps it was something like a rectal temp or a needle to the Rectal temp and spanking. is Author: OldFashionedGirl SPANKING!

My mom never spanked me nor did anyone else for that matter. For children up to the age of 4 or 5, the OTK position is recommended [1].

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  • Tuesday, April 21, Rectal temp and spanking So to summarize, I was glad, when I reached puberty, to be afforded more privacy.
  • The Bad Day
  • I also love rectal temps as an adult. After examining me and prodding my abdomen, she went on to talk with mom - I think she asked for vaseline.

I must admit that Cindy lessens the intensity of the spanks when I am reacting, sometimes, so my spankings are not anywhere as severe as one might see on the internet. Glad to know you are trying to find a way for OTK, but the description of your wife should get you one very strong spanking Harsh OTK spanking for b…. For hygienic reasons, a disposable cover can be put on the tip of the thermometer.

I was never spanked in my life but i rember a very humiliating rectal temp taking when i was young. I have been excited by watching, receiving, and giving rectal temps for almost 60 years! Young female punisher sp…. However, they are effective, clear the air, press re-set on being in a happier frame of mind,and often lead to intense love-making. Cheating wife got OTK pu…. Rough OTK spanking for y…. Modern rectal thermometers exist in traditional analog and in digital form.

Rough OTK spanking for y…. Cruel mom and dad spanke…. Cheating wife got OTK pu….

Mature lesbian gave OTK …. Young female punisher sp…. Acts that I found embarrassing as a child became attractive, for some reason. However relaxing one's sphincter is not a skill generally taught, and children in particular are often afraid of such an intrusion into their privacy. If at a young age, you experience something that's traumatic, that causes strong feelings of fear, vulnerability, embarrassment, or pain, possibly caused by someone close who you trust and are totally dependent on, maybe if you're sensitive in the right way, it somehow gets imprinted as sexual. Tatooed bigass babes suf….


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