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You really nailed it. The way that the characters interact is just so cute and enjoyable, it really makes my day. Sometimes writers fall in love with a character or characters and sometimes they just lose interest in one or more. See, I completely get why he is the way he is now because if I were to discover that my whole family life was a lie, and that I wasn't even allowed to discuss it with them or let out the truth?

DESCRIPTION: But come to think of it, that's exactly how they should react. It's good to hear different sides and I find myself kind of in the center of girlfriday's and lolypip's opinions so it works perfectly for me. Jang-mi is such a caring, loving person, so I was expecting that she would realize her feelings first and have to get grumpy Ki-tae to come out of his shell.

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You can let it out". I totally agree that the music pieces bring up the lightness and freshness of the show

  • They are my favorite couple so far this year.
  • He isn't perfect but neither is any of the charactwrs..
  • Maybe try having them come to an agreement like normal adults, Or just make them the couple in the single parent situation, where it shows yeah they may share a child but it doesn't mean they have to marry and that they could both take care of the child without any bitterness between them. All the relationships in my own life would begin to feel distant.
  • As for Gi Tae's mom, that woman does not have my sympathy. He leans in to twist the knife further, and says that just like she dated Hoon-dong for his money, he dated Jang-mi for her face and her body.

Marriage Not Dating is the newest Friday (Marriage Without Dating I stumbled upon Thankfully I watched until ep and realized that although. Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Marriage, Not Dating Episode 1 with subtitles. Subtitled in Arabic, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese.

I'm glad they are more in tune with how they feel about each other, and the more we can get away from the second leads, the better. And this is why Grandma says it's all her fault -- because she gave birth to his cheating father. How safe and secure does she feel to come over to kt house when she is drunk. See, I don't agree at all!

I died laughing at the end of Marriage Without Dating Ep 9 Dramafire 5. And in my youth, I was - at one time or another - on both sides of that couple where one is slowly falling for someone else, which made that 'barging in' scene particularly painful to watch. Poor thing finally hears the truth and a tear rolls down her cheek. Hoon-dong swears he will, which I find hard to believe. Jin Woon is trouble with a capital T. Now Ki-tae realizes what the heck Jang-mi was babbling about at the police station—it was his mother who invited Dra,afire over.

I want her to break out of her self-made hell but it's not going to be easy.

Is it cool for you and a crime for me? The Hyun-hee Hoon-dong pairing is just catastrophic. I've been completely in love with this show since day 1. I also love me some Yeon woo-jin.

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  • Yeo-reum already knows, hence the new suit paid for by Se-ah, while Ki-tae has to be forcibly pushed onto the stage to do his part, yunno, for charity.
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I loved that they used a hug in the ending scene, instead of a kiss. It was such a perfect mirror for how his feelings had fully evolved and bookend to the moment when those feelings started. Episode 4 by Sunny. She finally gets the door open, and Hoon-dong cowers under the sink, terrified of what she might do.

Of course the contract engagement is not new, it certainly is perfectly set up here. What she should know is that Yeo-reum has been nothing but nice to her, accepting all her crazy with a smile and opening up to her about his hopes and dreams and his abandonment very early on, and yet she's developed feelings for another potential-ass hole who has used her and belittled her. Hopefully there is new direction in next few episodes. That being said, I think Hyunhee is the most useless character in the drama. So far I watch mainly for the comedy. He offers to pay her, which she shoots down, so then he offers to help her get back together with Hoon-dong, which she refuses even more vehemently. Thank you for recapping! That scene managed to have me cheering for Jang-mi one moment, then crying for Ki-tae's mom the next seriously, Kim Hae-Sook, how do you do it?

I've not watched any of her other shows, but I might do so. Moozy August 3, at 8: Even the kisses aren't passionate like the ones Jang-mi and Gi-tae shared.

Slowly but surely letting her into his life, revealing secrets that Se Ah doesn't even know. For now, even though mom can be revolting, I am on her side. Yes, drop the rebound boyfriend when someone better comes along


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