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DESCRIPTION: Common guys, how can hookah be possibly bad for us? I do smoke hookah a lot, but I've never had a smokers cough.

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Do you suffer from Hookah Cough? - Discussion Group for all Hookah Lovers - Hookah Forum

Treatment for COPD usually involves using an inhaler to make breathing easier. Register a new account.

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  • No lung buttter here buddy. I'll put it down to either denial or miraculous luck.
  • Put the cigarettes down mabel and get a new hobby like bingo,feeding the birds,or spackeling the wrinkles on your face because it looks like an old baseball mitt. As far back as I can remember I've had some kind of smokers cough.

They cough hit the cigarette then cough some more. My buddy from school smokes ciggs regularly, and has a horrible smokers cough. Ive been an off and on smoker for about years. Put the cigarettes down mabel and get a new hobby like bingo,feeding the birds,or spackeling the wrinkles on your face because it looks like an old baseball mitt.

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Already have an account? Do you suffer from Hookah Cough? So far it looks like people are either lucky and not experiencing symptoms, or their love of hookah outweighs their cough. This support is available on the phone, online or in person. I will cough though when i do smoke hookah, cause i like to go reaaal big when i smoke so sometimes my throat gets a little tickled.

Download A Smokers Cough Coughs sounds 84 stock sound clips starting at $2. Download and buy high quality A Smokers Cough Coughs sound . If the cough is due to a cold or flu, over-the-counter cough remedies may help bring up the phlegm so that coughing is easier. Paracetamol or ibuprofen will relieve pain. Antibiotics are rarely needed for coughs caused by a cold or flu. Sep 29,  · My buddy from school smokes ciggs regularly, and has a horrible smokers cough. Sounds like he has constant phlem in his throat that he can never seem to get out. Its a major turnoff.

Mix three tablespoons in with a little bit of warm water and some honey. But perhaps it's because I'm constantly in an office environment in which it isn't very cool to be the tuberculosis guy. Log in or Sign up.

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  • Watching these people smoke kills me not them.
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How often do you smoke? I have had a cough all my life to nervous tick. I put it down to smoking fruit! Sometimes, it comes and goes and it does bother me. I cough up some mucus but I associated it with allergy season and not hookah. Hookah is great, don't get me wrong, but there is obvoiusly a less glamorous side to this hobby.

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I have no cough and have noticed no side effects. UMrocksmysocks , Feb 27, I'm just curious as my smoker's cough annoyed me to the point of cutting down my shisha-ing to times per month. Instead try and blow the phlegm out by blowing out a lot of air very quickly, click twice with your larynx like you're going to cough minus the intense air pressures aka sub-glottal pressure , you can also try singing it out. Smoke less, or hope for a lung transplant later in life? Storm Crow , Feb 27,

I usually cough alot. What can you do Ask your pharmacist for advice on medications and remedies that may help your cough. It was hard to sleep when I was coughing so much, however, and after looking into it, I found some people attesting to the powers of apple cider vinegar. When to seek help. Let me get this straight

Well I have been lately more so. I had the respiratory system of a bird before I started shisha-ing. No, create an account now.


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