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I keep it short. Can you help me access hookxup. And, if I ever did get a response, I sent an HB my picture, and then never heard from her again. I tried to join. One is a second venue to take her to if you like her.

DESCRIPTION: I won't go over how to make an interesting profile, if you still don't know how, there are bunch of post in this forum that can point you to the right direction. What, did the part about using your imagination confuse you? Don't waste time figuring out Can we be honest?

Lodbrok: Very hot girl. Good post!

Polo R.: Fabulous video. Fantastic! One of the best videos I ever saw of her. My big compliments. I jerked off already 3 times. Thanks a lot.

Arthur Pede: very rare, for him to fuck a black girl.

Elog Koran: Its surprisingly good a?…

Jade Bout.: Wanna be her next slave

Christina B: Fucking Hell! She is Fabulous. Thanx

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If they message you first, great, if they are not, just message them. This way, girls looking for profiles with photos will come across your profile, but at the same time, you'll be able to hook them with your personality before they can just disqualify you as not being their type. I have good reasons Note how she jumped the loop and start qualifying 5:

  • Read it, learn the concepts, have sex.
  • And, if I ever did get a response, I sent an HB my picture, and then never heard from her again.
  • Or the dream I had last night? After contacting a girl she will most of the time be curious enough to read your profile.
  • Why does this matter?
  • As long as you have some semblance of a personality, humor, grooming, likability, and style, this will make the personals such a turkey shoot that you'll probably stop using because they're so boring.

For the picture, I don't post an actual photo. I will, of course, send you a non-illustrated pic — two if I like what you have to say. If you're a timid guy, of course fun, crazy choices aren't for you. If you put a little love into your dating account, you will be rewarded. — Will I Actually Meet Someone?

Actually those represent for certain traits in chicks, not much of foods I'm feeding her just a little bit 5: If you do this you will experience a form of practice. Now it's just you and her.

I have given girls my number before and it really has yet to work out. That is pretty much everything Because you're just being nonchalantly throw your number out there, she will feel less vulnerable if you offer it.

  • Why Learning To Pick Up Women Is A Waste Of Time.
  • Don't waste time figuring out author:
  • The Sexual Hookup Fantasy Paradox
  • Don't waste time figuring out.
  • The game at first is ALL body language.

When I first started learning PU, one thing I tried early on was the personals. Or, if you're shy and would feel more comfortable if I called, just email me your info. They have small hints in their 'aboutme' that all they want is sex and really your going to get there one way or another. As for the Profile threads I couldn't find any, just thought if you made one of those threads it would be more useful.


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